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Everything Counts

Someone, somewhere, started perpetuating the lie that there are no stupid questions. I'm not sure who this person was or why they thought it necessary to make that statement, but they were wrong. Here are a few questions that drive most educators crazy: "Did I miss anything while I was out last week?" - Nope,… Continue reading Everything Counts

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When I teach my composition students how to write compare/contrast papers, I always start by discussing the possible reasons WHY (purpose) they would need to write this type of paper We write compare/contrast essays to show one thing as being superior to another thing We write compare/contrast essays to explain and support a generalized statement.… Continue reading Comparisons

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Going Rogue

I heard a commercial that made me cringe. Then it made me frustrated. Then, concerned about our future. While getting ready in the morning, I usually listen to music through either Amazon Music or Pandora. As I was streaming my Crowder Station through Alexa the other morning, I heard an advertisement for a "homework help"… Continue reading Going Rogue



As I prepare for a new school year, my mind drifts back to a particular class from my middle school years. In hindsight, while the teacher was not stellar, my class really didn't give him a chance. We were unified in our ruthlessness (and we were NOT easily unified). In fact, many of my policies… Continue reading Balance