My New Starting Point

I know that it has been a little while since I posted. I've started writing several times, but I haven't been able to organize my thoughts.  The semester is starting to feel long. I've been sick. I know change is coming, and I feel anxious about what will happen. The weather is getting colder. Night… Continue reading My New Starting Point

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When I teach my composition students how to write compare/contrast papers, I always start by discussing the possible reasons WHY (purpose) they would need to write this type of paper We write compare/contrast essays to show one thing as being superior to another thing We write compare/contrast essays to explain and support a generalized statement.… Continue reading Comparisons



Today has not been the best of days. First, I received some less than comforting news. News that creates a lot of unknowns (and therefore anxiety). Right on the heels that that not-so-good news, I had a devastating conversation with my ex. More plans unsettled. More insecurities stirred. I hate feeling unsettled. I hate that… Continue reading “Remember”

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Going Rogue

I heard a commercial that made me cringe. Then it made me frustrated. Then, concerned about our future. While getting ready in the morning, I usually listen to music through either Amazon Music or Pandora. As I was streaming my Crowder Station through Alexa the other morning, I heard an advertisement for a "homework help"… Continue reading Going Rogue



I was talking with a friend the other day, and she remarked, "Sometimes I feel like as soon as I get one area in my life under control, some other area falls apart." Doesn't it feel that way? Everything in our personal life starts going great, and work becomes really difficult. Everything at work lines… Continue reading Uncertainty


Between Perfection and Excuse

That's how I want to live. Pressing forward. Acknowledging my shortcomings, but not controlled by them. Persevering. I want to live somewhere between perfection and excuse. I want to live by grace. 

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Visible Change

Here's my point - We are not always good at seeing ourselves accurately. Growth - change, good or bad - tends to happen so slowly that we don't really recognize it. We can easily get frustrated thinking we aren't making any progress. We can just as easily get complacent, thinking we are doing okay when we aren't.