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Lessons from the Life of C. S. Lewis (part 1)

I'm listening to an audiobook on the life and writing of C. S. Lewis. You know, for fun, over summer break. The book is C. S. Lewis -- A Life: Eccentric Genius, Reluctant Prophet by Dr. Alister McGrath. It was published in 2013, honoring the 50th anniversary of Lewis's passing. (P.S. - I'm not receiving any… Continue reading Lessons from the Life of C. S. Lewis (part 1)


First Impressions

I received a marriage proposal. “Dear God-loving Michelle. Please will you marry me? I am a responsible man, loving and family oriented. I am single, never been married and i am a top professional with the state of Illinois… i wish you can favorably consider me as the man in your life towards building a… Continue reading First Impressions


I got a tattoo… again.

I've heard that tattoos are addictive. Maybe that's true, because I got a second one. (Mom, I haven't lost sight of sky-diving one day, fyi). A couple of years ago, I was pretty adamant that I would never get one. Honestly, needles have always freaked me out a little and I am a huge baby about… Continue reading I got a tattoo… again.


Time is a Funny Thing

Time is a funny thing. In the moment, it often seems to creep by, barely passing. When we look backwards, something happens and time speeds up. Because our perception of time is so unpredictable, we have to stop purposefully and take inventory every once in a while, or we risk missing what we've learned as… Continue reading Time is a Funny Thing



This is not the post I planned on writing. I normally take some time to really think about what I'm going to write, how to best convey my story, and pray about how God can use my words. Tonight, I'm just writing. I'm having a rough night. You know, if I can speak candidly, there… Continue reading Crossroads


All the Scars

I Am They released a song a little while back called, “Scars.” The chorus says: “So I'm thankful for the scars / 'Cause without them I wouldn't know Your heart / And I know they'll always tell of who You are / So forever I am thankful for the scars.” I have mixed feelings when… Continue reading All the Scars


The Arena

I often hear the expressions “the mind is a battlefield” or “fought on the battlefield of our minds.” My mind isn’t so much a battlefield as it is the Hunger Games Arena, and my subconscious is the Capital. My subconscious lays a complex series of traps and triggers in the most innocuous places, so just… Continue reading The Arena