Life with Daisy

Act Smartly

I love my dog, Daisy. (I feel like I've mentioned that once or twice before). I really do love her. But she's developed a few behaviors that I'm not all that crazy about. First, she has a new response to me leaving the house these days. Normally when I leave the house, I pen her… Continue reading Act Smartly

Faith · Life with Daisy

Back to Safety

Daisy likes to lay across the bed in my guest room and survey her kingdom from the window. From the back, it looks like she is simply relaxing or sleeping. But, when we watch her face, it is very clear that she is alert. She is constantly looking for anything moving that may invade her… Continue reading Back to Safety

Life with Daisy

Two Peas

I'm in a co-dependent relationship. With my dog. Her name is Daisy; she's a German Shepherd - Lab mix, and she's awesome. And neurotic. We are truly two peas in a pod. What do I mean by neurotic? Well, for starters, Daisy likes the idea of going outside, but she doesn't like to feel as… Continue reading Two Peas