Changing People

The other day I saw a post on Facebook that I just couldn't ignore. Normally, I don't engage in arguments, especially political ones online, but the comment was just so absurd and so out there that I couldn't help myself. Admittedly, I was perhaps a little more snarky and condescending than I should have been.… Continue reading Changing People



When the journey feels tedious and I'm tempted to disengage, I will look at my memorial stones and remember that every part of the journey provides an opportunity to purposefully grow closer to God.


Goodness, Restoration, and Generosity

God is Good. God restores. God is Generous.


God is Just

We cry out for justice. We seek justice when people do us personal harm. We seek social justice when we see wrongs without our society. We ask God to work in a just a way to bring the proper ramifications for wrong actions. I have prayed, even begged, for God to deliver justice on my… Continue reading God is Just


Lord of Peace

Today, I am grateful that God is the Lord of Peace. Even when the physical world around us is raging with discord, war, and chaos, God continues to be the source of unity, order, and harmony.



I am greatly comforted by God's Sovereignty. No matter what I face, nothing is outside of the authority and control of God. I am thankful that He is over all things, forever.



Continuing to express praise and thankfulness for who God is, today I am thankful that God is self-existent. He is eternal and self-sufficient. He IS.



Today, I am thankful that God is Incomprehensible. I will never fully understand God, and that's okay. If God could be fully understood, He wouldn't be God.

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Great Expectations

“Suffering has been stronger than all other teaching, and has taught me to understand what your heart used to be. I have been bent and broken, but - I hope - into a better shape.”Estella, Great Expectations Irony is one of my favorite literary elements to teach. We define irony as the discrepancy between what… Continue reading Great Expectations


I DO deserve a donut!

I DO deserve a donut! I've been fighting this line of thinking often recently. I am an emotional eater and a mindless eater, which is a bad combination when you are stuck at home while the world seems to be exploding. The "Quarantine 15" has replaced the "Freshman 15" - and I know I'm not… Continue reading I DO deserve a donut!