The right choice is simple. I never said it was easy, but it is simple. I just want to take the easy way out. I remember snapshots of conversations that I had with my ex. I remember telling him that the right choice was obvious. Don't betray and abandon your wife. Simple. He wanted easy,… Continue reading Short-cuts



As I prepare for a new school year, my mind drifts back to a particular class from my middle school years. In hindsight, while the teacher was not stellar, my class really didn't give him a chance. We were unified in our ruthlessness (and we were NOT easily unified). In fact, many of my policies… Continue reading Balance


Completely Risk-Free

Have you ever gotten suckered into one of those "try for free" scams? You know, the ones that pop up (based on whatever you have searched recently), advertising this new and perfect product that is going to fix all your trouble. And because you are so special, they are going to give it to you… Continue reading Completely Risk-Free


Fret Not

I read a sad article this week about a pastor and writer who is not only getting a divorce after more than two decades of marriage, but also is walking away from his faith completely, telling the world he is no longer a Christian. I don't know all the details of the situation, but my… Continue reading Fret Not


Three Little Pigs

I got caught in an Internet hole.  Not the normal trap that most people get sucked in to. YouTube and Netflix had nothing to do with this. It was Craigslist.  I went on to Craigslist for a very innocent reason. I was looking for a good deal (meaning free) on gravel or rock for my… Continue reading Three Little Pigs


Set Apart Means Being Set Free

I wrote a few weeks ago about lies - lies we tell ourselves and lies that our circumstances tell us. But there's another category of lie that we often accept - lies that our culture tells us. "You do you, I'll do me. We'll both be okay." In today's culture, we are constantly being told… Continue reading Set Apart Means Being Set Free

Faith · Fitness

Hurtles and Roadblocks

I think I mentioned before that I have started to run. It’s something I’ve tried in the past and I always get to a point where I feel like I hit a brick wall and just can’t go on. This time I’m determined to push past that feeling. Some friends and I are going to do… Continue reading Hurtles and Roadblocks