God’s Got This

"Give it to God." "God's got this." "God will make it right." Yes. Amen and amen. These platitudes make excellent inspirational pictures on social media. And I fully agree with them. I just wonder sometimes, do we really understand what it looks like to give it to God? Do we agree with these statements because… Continue reading God’s Got This


Between Perfection and Excuse

That's how I want to live. Pressing forward. Acknowledging my shortcomings, but not controlled by them. Persevering. I want to live somewhere between perfection and excuse. I want to live by grace. 

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Visible Change

Here's my point - We are not always good at seeing ourselves accurately. Growth - change, good or bad - tends to happen so slowly that we don't really recognize it. We can easily get frustrated thinking we aren't making any progress. We can just as easily get complacent, thinking we are doing okay when we aren't.



Today is my birthday. I have not been looking forward to today. I've wanted to be excited. My last few birthdays have not produced great memories, though. In fact, as I look back, the birthdays that I have been the most excited about recently have yielded huge disappointments. I’ve had a lot of different thoughts about… Continue reading Birthday



I'm in a little bit of a funk today. There's no one thing that caused my funk. I just feel off. And I'm anxious about some big things I've been praying over for a long time with no clear answer. I feel like I'm always three steps behind where I need to be. I feel… Continue reading Funk


Look Where You Are Going

"Don't look back. You aren't going that way." I don't know where these words originated, but they came to me while I was looking for inspirational wall decals for the room I changed to my office. I didn't go with this expression for the room, but it was written on my mirror for almost a… Continue reading Look Where You Are Going



The right choice is simple. I never said it was easy, but it is simple. I just want to take the easy way out. I remember snapshots of conversations that I had with my ex. I remember telling him that the right choice was obvious. Don't betray and abandon your wife. Simple. He wanted easy,… Continue reading Short-cuts