All the Scars

I Am They released a song a little while back called, “Scars.” The chorus says: “So I'm thankful for the scars / 'Cause without them I wouldn't know Your heart / And I know they'll always tell of who You are / So forever I am thankful for the scars.” I have mixed feelings when… Continue reading All the Scars


The Arena

I often hear the expressions “the mind is a battlefield” or “fought on the battlefield of our minds.” My mind isn’t so much a battlefield as it is the Hunger Games Arena, and my subconscious is the Capital. My subconscious lays a complex series of traps and triggers in the most innocuous places, so just… Continue reading The Arena


Resetting My Counter

Have you ever seen those counters that employers have in their offices or warehouses that say when the last incident was? They read something like, “Accident free for ____ days.” or “Days since last incident -- ____.” Sometimes, I think I need one of those for my emotions.It’s been __________ day, ________ hours, and ______… Continue reading Resetting My Counter


I Got a Tattoo

For my last birthday, I decided to celebrate turning 34 by doing something I never thought I’d do. I got a tattoo. My parents weren’t thrilled at first, but I’m 34 and my mom was just glad I wasn’t going skydiving. (Not yet, at least, Mom.) You may be thinking: Wow, that seems rash. You… Continue reading I Got a Tattoo

Faith · Literature

Know the Protagonist

Literary Analysis 101: Know the story's protagonist. Find the protagonist's goal. Discern who/what is standing in the way of the goal, and how/why they are preventing the protagonist's success. Everything else follows those details.(I can see your eyes glazing over. Stick with me; I'm going somewhere with this.) Sometimes, the protagonist is painfully clear. Jane Eyre… Continue reading Know the Protagonist


Learning to Say the “D” Word

Have you ever seen the episode of Parks and Recreation where Leslie is talking about her last day on city council? She's been recalled from her dream job, and she's trying to talk about it on camera? (You know, the 5 stages of grief rant). Well, the first time I said the "d" word out loud,… Continue reading Learning to Say the “D” Word


Just Let Go

I'm at a playground with one of my friends and her kids, watching all the happy children running around me and praying - "Lord, one day I wouldn't mind this..." Then I notice the little mini ropes course. You know, the type that is basically monkey bars but with ropes to swing from instead of… Continue reading Just Let Go