Set Apart Means Being Set Free

I wrote a few weeks ago about lies - lies we tell ourselves and lies that our circumstances tell us. But there's another category of lie that we often accept - lies that our culture tells us. "You do you, I'll do me. We'll both be okay." In today's culture, we are constantly being told… Continue reading Set Apart Means Being Set Free

Faith · Fitness

Hurtles and Roadblocks

I think I mentioned before that I have started to run. It’s something I’ve tried in the past and I always get to a point where I feel like I hit a brick wall and just can’t go on. This time I’m determined to push past that feeling. Some friends and I are going to do… Continue reading Hurtles and Roadblocks

Faith · Literature

History Lesson

I'm on a road trip with one of my closest friends from college. We drove from North Carolina to Richmond, Va, then to Connecticut, then to New Hampshire (where we are staying), and we are driving into Salem, Boston, Concord, and Lexington, MA to tour around. We are packing a lot into our trip. Four… Continue reading History Lesson

Dating · Faith

Credit Where Credit is Due

I started dating someone. We’ve been together for a little over 2 months, and so far everything is going pretty well. Very well, in fact. I've been very honest with him about my brokenness and the hurt I’m still wrestling with, and for some reason he is very willing to walk through all that healing… Continue reading Credit Where Credit is Due

Life with Daisy

Act Smartly

I love my dog, Daisy. (I feel like I've mentioned that once or twice before). I really do love her. But she's developed a few behaviors that I'm not all that crazy about. First, she has a new response to me leaving the house these days. Normally when I leave the house, I pen her… Continue reading Act Smartly


The Lies We Believe

My Life Group (Sunday school class - whatever you want to call it) has been studying through topics related to rest, peace, and joy. The class is all women, most of whom are walking through dark seasons or have recently emerged from a dark season. Even in the midst of our hardest situations, though, we… Continue reading The Lies We Believe

Faith · Literature

Our Constant

To be or not to be, that is the question...Hamlet In Hamlet's famous soliloquy, he contrasts the misery he is experiencing in his life with the unknown of the afterlife. Hamlet contemplates taking his life, but in the end Hamlet decides the known misery of this world is preferable to the unknowns of death. Hamlet's… Continue reading Our Constant